“Not an Advert”: Gone Girl edited using Adobe Suite


Hey all, I typically don’t like posting things that are essentially advertisements on this blog, but I figured this was worth sharing.

David Fincher’s most recent release Gone Girl is currently at the top of the box office, but over the past year could be found on a Premiere timeline being edited, and in After Effects being, well….effected.

This is just a reminder, that the tools being used by the big leagues are right at your finger tips here in the DMaC Lab.

Click here to read up on the production team’s use of the Adobe Production Suite, and the creation of Gone Girl.

Announcement Time: EDIT 4 NOW OPERATIONAL!

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Serial key

Hey folks, just a quick update on some goings on within the lab. Some of you may know that we’ve got big plans for the (formerly titled) audio room that we’re going to be talking about in the coming months. As of this posting however, know that it is currently open for business and available for use (making it officially Edit Booth #4). It has the complete Adobe Production Suite on it and is ready for your editing/Photoshoping/animating needs.

We’ll be announcing some important info about Edit #4 soon, so be sure to keep your eyes glued here!