Hello, My Name is….

Hello and welcome to the spring 2016 semester! This semester the reigns of this site have been passed on to the work studies in the lab. We figured we would start by introducing ourselves and what we do around here.

I’m Moira, but I usually go by Mojo.


I’m currently a Junior (class of 2017) and am concentrating in Graphic Design. I usually hang around the lab in-between classes but I work in the lab Monday-Thursday 3-5. I enjoy video games, photography and I am also the Secretary/ Treasurer of Com Club so most of my posts here will probably be about what happened this week at our meeting.

Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself if you see me. Oh and, you should totally follow me (and Com club) on our social media endeavors.

Me: @MooCowderer (on both twitter and insta)

Com Club: @COMclub_HC on twitter and hc_com_club on insta