Welcome Back!


Welcome back to another semester here in the lab! It’s shaping up to be a good one! We have a couple of announcements to get out of the way before anything exciting begins.

First off is with our old work study, Dave, gone and graduated we have a position open in the lab. If you’re looking for a job on campus, want to further your knowledge of the field, and have the opportunity to help your fellow classmates this is the one for you! Applications are due to Steven Fox by the end of this week.

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If you don’t want to work in the lab but still have an interest in a work study in Digital Media perhaps you would enjoy working with Ian Gattie in the Office of Institutional Advancement as a Digital Media Specialist. The Digital Media Specialist is responsible for creating and managing digital-related projects for Hilbert College through photography, digital design, and video work. Trust me Ian is a really cool guy and this work study is a great for the portfolio.

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A few more things:

Com Club and PRSSA are joining forces under the Com Club name. Meetings will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 in the DMaC Lab!


Last but not least if you’ve been in the lab at all this week you’ll have heard the faint sound of music. Hawk Radio has returned and it’s home base is now in our “On Air” room! Welcome Back Hawk Radio!

Hawk Radio is our on campus radio station, playing anything you want to hear. Listen at hawkradio.hilbert.edu. For more info, contact Don Vincent (dvincent@hilbert.edu), they are currently looking for on air personalities and recommendations for any music people on campus would like to hear.


Thats all for now! -Moira