Scribe TV – Behind the Scenes

As some of you may know, The Scribe is Hilbert’s very own student organized newspaper (well, under the supervision of the awesome Dan Higgins, that is).


4K camcorder with a teleprompter. #Crispy

In conjunction with this digital publication, COM 475 is currently in charge of creating Scribe TV. This is where the written digital word is put into the form of digital video.


This is probably the best place we’ve shot in (IMO).

Everyone working on Scribe TV has a dedicated role into making sure everything runs as smooth as possible. Here’s the breakdown of roles, for those who are curious:

  • Writing – Amanda, Jenah & Amber
  • Production – Jake (audio) & Garrett (video)
  • Post – Moira & Danielle

Look at those happy faces!

And that leaves me, the one writing this article. I serve as the Executive Producer. That’s just a fancy term that means I oversee everything and help out where needed. I’m mostly on set helping to set up at each location and making sure our news anchors are comfortable.

We don’t necessarily have a studio space, so we’ve shot in multiple locations around campus so far. It adds an interesting dynamic, mainly because each space has its pros and cons.

All jokes asside, there’s a lot that goes into the production of The Scribe and Scribe TV. Everyone who is involved plays an important role and everyone is gaining valuable experience that they can apply to their careers after Hilbert.

You can read The Scribe by clicking here, and you can check out Scribe TV on YouTube by clicking here. If you’d like to contribute in anyway, feel free to contact me at


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