Sony a6500

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If you recall, last semester I wrote an article about the Sony a6300. In September of this year, I went from owning Canon DSLRs for the last 5 years to a slightly proud owner of a Sony a6300.

It’s a cool little camera. I’ve used it on a decent amount of shoots so far. I have run into the issue of overheating, so that’s kind of a problem. The 4K video you get looks nice, and I export in 1080p anyways, so I get a sharp 1080 file.


My little a6300 and rig that could.

But this isn’t about the a6300… this is about the newly announced Sony a6500. It’s pretty much the same as the a6300, but the a6500 has a touchscreen and 5-axis image stabilization. Both of these features are missing from the a6300.

It is said to release this November and cost “about $1,400.” For what you’re getting in the world of cameras, that’s not bad. The a6300 retails for $1,150 with a kit lens, so take that as you will.

More info:

What are you shooting with? Have you moved to shooting video in 4K? We have a few new 4K cameras this semester, including the Sony a7S II. If you’d like to rent one for your production, come see me in the lab.


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