FREE Lightsaber Plug-In

Star Wars is really cool. Well, I think so at least. Disney and Lucusfilm have been busy within the last year with the release of Episode VII and the trailer for Rogue One.

Like really, that trailer was just released today. It’s pretty awesome. Let’s get the hype-train started!

But that’s not what this blog post is about. I’m a little late to posting it here, but the nice people at Video Copilot have released a free plug-in that makes pretty awesome looking lightsabers in After Effects. It is appropriately named, “Saber.”


Here’s a quick snapshot of my film #ShamelessPlug 

I’m currently using this plug-in to help create my upcoming Star Wars fan film. For being free, I have to say it’s pretty awesome. You can use it for more than just lightsabers though – you can have it set to follow text or even mask paths. Super exciting!

My words can’t do it justice. If you have AE on either PC or Mac, I definitely say you should download it. Luckily for you DMaC students, it is installed in Rogue One….I mean Edit One ;). Come give it a try!


Twitter: @Dave_Seifert

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