Lights, Camera, Reflector

Whether you’re shooting videos or photos, lighting is always important. Without proper light, it’s hard to see the subject (or subjects) that you’re shooting. Then it leads to grain and noise in your shots, and that’s just not fun to deal with.

Now the point of this blog post isn’t to tell you how important lighting is, but rather, to talk about a useful tool – the reflector.


I stumbled upon a blog post recently from Planet5D that shows how you can fully utilize a reflector on set. They do come in handy a lot. Whether you need to fill in the shadows on a subject’s face, or to just move some light around, they are very versatile.

You can buy a reflector for around $20. You can pick on up from Amazon or at Best Buy. If you don’t feel like doing that, then make sure to stop by the DMaC lab and rent one out for your next shoot!


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