SEPTEMBER DMaC Lab Seminars: Web Design


Hey folks, some exciting news to share today!

September is WEB DESIGN month in the DMaC Lab, and to kick off our new DMaC Lab Seminars series we’re going to be featuring a number of talks and live tutorials straight from the world of HTML and CSS.

At 6:00pm, September 15th, the lab will be screening 3 talks featuring design principles and code tutorials straight from the TED archive. Stick around after to discuss the tips and tricks you’ve learned with other students as well as the DMaC lab staff!

Then, on Monday September 29th (6:00pm), stop on by for a special DMaC LIVE! event, where we’ll be giving a live demonstration of web design software found in the DMaC lab, and allowing hands on time with the code discussed!

Whether you’re new to the code game, or just looking to brush up on the basics, the DMaC Lab will be your home for Web Design this September!!

Announcement Time: EDIT 4 NOW OPERATIONAL!

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Serial key

Hey folks, just a quick update on some goings on within the lab. Some of you may know that we’ve got big plans for the (formerly titled) audio room that we’re going to be talking about in the coming months. As of this posting however, know that it is currently open for business and available for use (making it officially Edit Booth #4). It has the complete Adobe Production Suite on it and is ready for your editing/Photoshoping/animating needs.

We’ll be announcing some important info about Edit #4 soon, so be sure to keep your eyes glued here!



TASCAM DR-60D quickstart thumb

Greetings DMaC-ers!!

I trust you’re all enjoying the last bits of your summer break and are excited to hit the ground running next week as classes spin back up for the semester!

I thought, I’d take a moment to share with you all some info on one of the new pieces of gear you’ll find in the lab this semester, the Tascam DR-60D.

This handy little box is a great audio recorder can not only be used for solely aural projects, but also has a handy-dandy tripod mount on the top and bottom that allows you to attach it to any of our video cameras and SLRs.

Take a look at this quickstart guide, and get your creative gears in motion. One more week til showtime!


TASCAM DR-60D quickstart